Q. What side affects can I expect?
A. There are no documented cases of negative side affects to Sollay Therapy.

Q. How long does it take?
A. Depending on the extent of your condition, time since injury, and how your body responds to the treatment. Most clients experience results immediately, and others after as few as two to three treatments. Your treatment course depends on your individual condition as analyzed by our board certified medical staff.

Q. Will I get prescriptions for pain medicine during my Sollay Therapy treatment schedule?
A. No. During your treatment schedule you may be asked to continue with over the counter pain relievers or anti –inflammatory drugs but no prescriptions for pain medicines will be given.

Q. Will my insurance pay for Sollay Therapy?
A. Like any new medical treatment or procedure, it takes time for insurance companies to recognize and accept new modalities. It is our belief that, in the near future, insurance companies will accept Sollay therapy, but not at the current time. However, because of the level of examination you receive at each Sollay session, some of the cost may be submitted for reimbursement by insurance.  *Please ask our patient administrator for more details. It is also our belief that the cost of being pain free using Sollay Therapy is minimal when compared to other lengthy and costly treatment courses.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The cost of Sollay Therapy is related to the extent of the injury and your response to the treatment. Treatments average around $150 per session. Most patients experience some relief almost immediately. We have documented pain free patients after as few as two treatments.

Q. Who is on the staff of Sollay?
A. The staff of Sollay is directed by Dr. Terrance L Baker MD, MS, board certified in Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Forensic Medicine. Our team consists of Dr. Baker and board certified Physician Assistants Al Struck PA-C, Yong Lee PA-C, and Tania Boyadjieva PA-C, who combined have over 75 years of medical experience in family medicine, emergency medicine, and sports medicine.

Q. How do I schedule an appointment?
A. Please call our office at (410) 323-0777 and our Patient Administrator will schedule a time for your first Sollay experience and ensure you have all the necessary documentation.

Q. What conditions will prevent me from being treated with Sollay Therapy?
A. Clients with the following medical conditions may not receive Sollay Therapy: organ transplant, cancer, pregnancy, pacemaker, using photosensitive medications.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. Sollay therapy is non invasive and is not painful. You may experience a warm feeling over the treated area, but there is no discomfort or pain involved with the procedure in any way.

Q. Does it work?
A. The use of light energy for therapeutic treatment has been well documented and is a generally accepted alternative treatment modality for the relief of pain and promotion of tissue repair. Please visit our “pain free living” section for real life experiences from some of our clients.